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Use Our Online Vet Store to Conveniently Shop 24/7

Knowing which pet products to purchase can be overwhelming – until now. Visit our online store to easily view and purchase high quality, veterinarian-approved products that are best suited for your pet’s specific needs.

Bunny Kisses

Many pet items – such as dog food or kitty litter – are heavy and cumbersome, so why not get them delivered right to your door? Besides home delivery, the option for a convenient pick-up at our veterinary clinics is also available. Free shipping is offered on orders over $100!

Registering for access to our online store is simple, quick, and stress-free. Once complete, you can easily view and purchase products, plus track your orders.

Sleeping Dogs

Hassle-Free Shopping for Pet Food, Treats & Accessories

Available 24/7, our online store allows you to conveniently shop for your pet’s prescription medications and pet products. Ranging from toys and treats to health supplements and dietary needs, all of your pet’s supplies can be conveniently purchased. 


Use our Auto Order feature to never run out of your favourite pet products or prescriptions again!

Cat Resting
A Puppy in Bed
Cute Cat

Shop a Wide Assortment of Pet Toys

Keeping your furry friend occupied is easy with the help of our veterinarian-approved pet toys! Toys provide mental stimulation, promote healthy teeth and gums, and teach behaviour modification techniques. When you’re out of the house, pet toys can provide companionship and alleviate boredom.

dog running with toy

Purchase from our assortment of indestructible and tough toys, interactive games, teething products, squeaky toys, and more.

Meet Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs with Our Online Store

Just like humans, the food that you feed your pet matters. A properly balanced diet helps maintain their health, boosts their immune system, and places less stress on their organs. Foods that aren’t high-quality are more difficult for your pet to digest and can even leave them in a malnourished state.

Dogs with Dog Food Jar

The veterinarian-approved diets found in our online shop work with your pet’s natural biological systems to help maintain overall wellbeing. Feeding your animal friend a nutritional diet often leads to a longer, healthier life – with fewer trips to the veterinary clinic.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Happy

Your pet relies on you to provide a healthy diet, interactive play, and a safe environment. Visit our online store to help make that happen!

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