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A Veterinary Services Team Unlike Any Other

Barbara Ann Chidiac DVM

Owner and Veterinarian

Dr. Barbara Ann Chidiac’s passion for Veterinary Medicine started in childhood. A graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College in 1985, Dr. Chidiac continues to participate in professional education programs including receiving her PennHIP certification; training in canine frozen semen- including implementing a frozen semen bank; completion of the Veterinary Homeopathy course with Dr. Richard
Pitcairn; as well as participating in numerous annual conferences, seminars and courses.

Her curiosity about ”why” and “how” influences all that she does. 


When they said to vaccinate every year, she asked “Why?” 


When she sees a pet get better because their owner uses an alternative approach she asks “How?” 


The natural progression of an inquiring mind and observations of enhanced health in her patients using an integrative approach to Veterinary Medicine has resulted in the creation of two state-of-the-art animal care facilities - Chidiac Animal Hospital- located in Waverley, Ontario, and the Chidiac Animal
Hospital of Gravenhurst (now known as Muskoka Bay Animal Hospital).

Our Waverley facility offers conventional medical diagnostics, leading-edge dentistry, radiography, and surgery combined with holistic care, resulting in an integrative approach to veterinary medicine.

Dr. Chidiac is also active in numerous volunteer and community activities including; donating puppies to Canine Opportunity People Empowerment (COPE dogs) and National Service Dogs for Autism; services to Golden Rescue; personal time to Therapeutic Paws of Canada; and a member of the Board of Directors of Huronia Transition Homes & The Huronia Veterinary Emergency Clinic.

Dr. Chidiac has been breeding, raising and showing Golden Retrievers since 1982 and American Paint horses since 1976.

With her wonderful, indulgent husband John she shares her life with children Anna, Carla, Robert, & Mia, step-children Sara, Steven, & Sean and grandchildren Calvin, Maddox & Nora.

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